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We thought that it would be fun to let everyone out there know exactly how our t shirts get their graphics and the process we go through to bring them to you. So we have put together this short (well maybe not so short) post. Please read on to find out the details.

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We have released a new shirt to start of the month and also have done a little spring cleaning and put up some shirts for a very special sale price. The sale section is not in our usual site but in a place that only our readers or those privileged ones that are signed up for our newsletter can find it. Check it out HERE.

Our new shirt : Las Calaveras translated to ( the skulls ) is out now. Be sure to head over to the site and get one before they are all gone.

We have alot of cool stuff coming up real soon, so keep checking back and make sure you sign up for the newsletter to get all the latest news and shirt releases (before they get sold out).

skulls t shirtskulls t shirt close up 2skulls t shirt close up

Our new shirts are going to be out real soon, but while you wait you can peer into a little piece of art called coffee island.

coffee island

We have new designs coming soon, here is a small sample of what is to come. We have been updating our blog and are currently working on some new things for our site. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter, to be the first to know when we release the shirts so you can get one before they are sold out . We have had a few late night’s but thanks to our ffee we made it through 🙂

ffee skull shirt

coffe cup ffee

There are tons of places to find some art inspiration, who would think that it would be at your local 7-11. On a coffee trip to our favorite place we stumbled across these two bottles and had to have them.

artistic bottle

We would like to thank all the hard working bloggers out there, because without them alot of great shirts would go unnoticed. Recently we got a feature on and , and would like to give those guys a big thumbs up for all their work. Keep it coming!

ffee on tshirt island and hide your arms

 Rumplo and

Our new shirts our out now for March. Be sure to go and check them out. We have gotten a great response from everyone, and would like to give a big thanks to and for connecting us to our great customers. They do a good job, and are worth checking out daily. Keep up the good work.

Jimmy Fallon awesome New York actor 🙂 and comedian famous for “Saturday night live” recently visited our friends at Coastal Surf and Ski and was seen purchasing a few of our FFee shirts.

Jimmy has appeared in an impressive number of television shows and feature films, With 11 nominations, Jimmy became one of the SNL show youngest cast members at the age of 23, also appear in movies Fever Pitch, The magic Roundabout, Anything Else, and shows like Ellen DeGeneres and the “Late Show with David Letterman”, participated in Cameron Diaz’s MTV travel show “Trippin, co-hosting the MTV Movie Awards with Kirsten Dunst in 2001, and hosting the MTV Video Music Awards the following year.  Thanks Jimmy!!! for supporting FFee.

Jimmy Fallon Supports FFee

We are going to have a special guest artist for our latest t shirt release. His name is Kris Kouba and below you will see the design and alittle about Kris. Im Sure you are going to Love it! It is going to be out real soon so remember to keep checking back or sign up for our newsletter, because this one is going to go fast. Be sure to check out his site, he’s got talent. Thanks Kris!

FFee Latest t shirt release

Speciall FFeetured Artist

My name is Kris Kouba and I live near Madison, Wisconsin. I always liked doodling and coloring when I was a kid and that sort of led me into graphic design and other computer stuff (I do a little 3-D modeling as well). I also love to take pictures even though I’m not terribly great at it. Other hobbies include music (both playing and listening) and skateboarding. I like creative things.

I started a freelance design business from home called Design Friend in January of this year. If you or someone you know is interested in having me design or doodle something for you feel free to give me a jingle. That’s it…Take care and be nice to each other.


ffee home site

ffee skate decks at deckpeck

ffee skate decks at deckpeck

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