We are going to have a special guest artist for our latest t shirt release. His name is Kris Kouba and below you will see the design and alittle about Kris. Im Sure you are going to Love it! It is going to be out real soon so remember to keep checking back or sign up for our newsletter, because this one is going to go fast. Be sure to check out his site, he’s got talent. Thanks Kris!

FFee Latest t shirt release

Speciall FFeetured Artist

My name is Kris Kouba and I live near Madison, Wisconsin. I always liked doodling and coloring when I was a kid and that sort of led me into graphic design and other computer stuff (I do a little 3-D modeling as well). I also love to take pictures even though I’m not terribly great at it. Other hobbies include music (both playing and listening) and skateboarding. I like creative things.

I started a freelance design business from home called Design Friend in January of this year. If you or someone you know is interested in having me design or doodle something for you feel free to give me a jingle. That’s it…Take care and be nice to each other.

site: www.thedesignfriend.com
email: kris@thedesignfriend.com