We thought that it would be fun to let everyone out there know exactly how our t shirts get their graphics and the process we go through to bring them to you. So we have put together this short (well maybe not so short) post. Please read on to find out the details.

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To start off we scan a doodle or sketch which we have made in our free time or on one of our busy work days.


Then the next step we do is import that into our favorite Adobe program Illustrator and start turning it into a vector image.

half sketch

Then we continue on with the tracing and add the little details that make our art, lets say more interesting.

full sketched

After we have added all the little details we have our final piece.

final piece

What goes on from here could be anything. We could turn this idea into a t shirt, or we could color it up and add some texture for a banner or just a piece of art.


I hope you have enjoyed this short process, and know now what goes into our designs. 🙂