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We always love to find ourselves posted on other blogs. Its hard to keep up with all the latest shirts that come out, but these guys do a great job of doing it. We recently had a mention on ( thanks Andy 🙂 ), and a nice post on ( thanks David 🙂 ). Be sure to check them out to find all the latest shirts that are out there.

Post on I love your t shirt

We are sorry to all the people out there who wanted some of our shirts but are currently sold out. We only run a limited number of shirts to keep things special. What can be done to prevent this? Sign up for our newsletter and you will be guaranteed to know about every new shirt that gets released, before it gets sold out.

shirts are limited

ffee free shipping

We have been having alot of fun coming up with tiny freebie goodies to give away for the event and for shirt orders. Who doesn’t like getting things for free?

ffee freebies

We have just released our shirts for the month of May. The first one represents the beautiful day of monday 😦 you know that feeling of coming into work on a monday after a nice weekend, its not good! It originally started as just a fun doodle , you can check it out in a previous post, but then we kept getting requests to turn it into a shirt so wallah here it is!

FFee monday shirt

This next shirt is just plain cool. Tell me what could be better than lions, fire and a heart. The color of the shirt is amazing as well. We have not used this color shirt yet but after the many compliments, we will definetly be using it more in the future.

Lions and fire and hearts oh my

We always appreciate when we get a mention from someone else on a blog. Our friend Andy over at gave us a great post. Check it out to see all the latest and greatest shirts, hoodies , and news.

Theres nothing like getting up after a nice weekend to the beautiful day of Monday 😦 . Here is a little illustration tribute to that great day.

A tribute to Mondays

FFee had a great mothers day celebration. With a great feast and some quality time playing like we were kids again. A big thanks to all the mothers out there because without you none of us would be here!

FFee meat

ffee time in the park

This months shirt releases have been pushed back for alittle, because we have been planning out what we are going to do for the SFWA Wakeskate Rail Jam in June. There are going to be many talented wakeskaters out there and our booth will be setup,  so if you are in the area be sure to check it out!

Wakeskate rail jam

On our morning coffee run we stumbled upon a great bargain. A $3 car wash with a vacuum.  You might be thinking what kind of car wash do you get for $3, but it is actually pretty great. I don’t know what it is but having your car clean just puts you in a good mood.

ffee gets carwash

ffee home site

ffee skate decks at deckpeck

ffee skate decks at deckpeck

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