We decided to take a trip to our nearby Whole Foods to get some healthy lunch. We noticed a drink that we have never seen before: Sambazon. We were introduced to Acai back in the day by one of our good Brazilian friends Bruno, before it has exploded in today’s market, so we are familiar with the great fruit. After putting down one of these we were surprised by the goodness that this little bottle packs in it. Mind you, the flavor taste’s healthy, so all looking for juicy juice beware. We brought some back to ffee and after checking out their website Sambazon.com, we noticed a lot of familiar pro Skateboard, Surfing faces. HAHA all this sounds like we are reps or something, but all we know is that we feel great for less than the price of one gallon of gas 🙂 . So if you are in the mood for something to give you that extra boost, other than the all mighty coffee, check it out.