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Our week at FFee has been super busy with the release of the new website/shirts, so its going to be great to have a long weekend to relax. HAHA there is never a time where there isn’t something flying through our heads, just times when it is a little less. So even thought there is tons of work with filling orders, making bags, etc. , we still find the time to sit back and relax with our friend the paper and pencil.

Everything doesn’t always have to go on a t-shirt does it? So here is some skateboard art to check out. He is called Olliepop 🙂

We’re stoked It’s finally here. Come on over and check out the new FFee site along with the 8 new shirts that are now available. It took a little longer than expected just because we are a tiny bit picky 🙂 , and you may see some small changes here and there over the next few months once we get back to normal.

Don’t think that just because we threw 8 shirts at you we are not going to be coming out with new t shirts every month. We will continue to release at least a couple new shirts every month. So if there is something that you like, you better grab it because it can get sold out fast!!

I know, another post with food in it, we should just convert over and become a food blog haha. Busy Busy Busy is how we’ve been, but there is always time for tacos. Especially when we are soooooo close to releasing our new shirts. Maybe even by the end of the week 😉 . So If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter I suggest you do it. In the mean time just sit back and enjoy some tacos.

A lot of wind and rain can’t stop us. Yesterday tropical storm Fay decided to stop by bringing some bad weather for the next few days. To look on the bright side, it will make us sit inside and finish a lot of unfinished work.

We had a great time visiting our friends over at pinkghost. They were holding their eight by eight group art show, which was a collection of 8×8 canvases done up by some outstanding artists. We saw some great art, and to top it of, at the end of the night we got some delicious pie samples from the purple pie company. It was a blast!

We want to let people know how excited we are about our new packaging. Always eagar to make our customers purchases more special and memorable, we want to share with you how we came up with the great idea to make our own hand made (by us of course) canvas bags.  Each one comes with some extra goodies, and is reusable too!  This was one of the many surprises we had with our new website coming out soon, but we could not wait, so we started sending them out lately.  We have had a great response from everybody and got a great review from Tcritc (you can check out his post here). So for all of you that already had a little taste of it, and for those who haven’t here is the making of “the New FFee package”.

We ended last week with a drawing so why not start this week with one. The story goes as follows:

Mr. Black was always wondering why he made so many friends but they always vanished. He would  have so much fun playing with the creamies, that he never really took notice to where they went. Until today when he found out the shocking truth…..

A little sketch for Friday, had to make this post on time. Happy Friday!!!!

Here is a little update on the progress of the new site and shirt releases, just in case your wondering like ffeetuki below. All of our new shirts are ready and we are in the progress of the photo shoot for the new site. That means that we are very close to unavailing  some new designs and a brand new site. If you were signed up for the newsletter you would know this already! So SIGN UP HERE!

We have also just created a FFee Facebook page which you can check out by clicking the link to your left. We encourage comments so please feel free to say whatever you want: A funny story, your favorite cup of coffee, why you like drawing, whatever it is just go ahead. There will be added benefits to those in our facebook. For example, just in our avatar image there are a couple of the upcoming shirt releases that have not been released yet, so just like our newsletter SIGN UP!

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ffee skate decks at deckpeck

ffee skate decks at deckpeck

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