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Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary. Check out these cute pumpkins as they try and escape being gutted for Halloween. It’s a good try but I don’t think they are fooling anyone.

Yes that’s right check out another skate deck design. Another inspiration from the Halloween/Dia de Los Muertos holiday. Keep checking back because there are going to be new releases shortly and you dont want to miss out, or even better, just sign up for the newsletter to hear about it first.

Thats right everyone. Get free shipping till the 26th ( every order even international! ) .

We have been brainstorming on ideas for the pink ghost fun fair. It is still a bit away but its always good to start early. Take a sneak peak below at some paintings that are still in progress, but will be finished and sold at the event. We will also have some other non t shirt goodies that we will be selling. So keep checking back for updates…

Recently we received an invitation to be a vendor at the Pinkghost fun fair down in Ft.Lauderdale. We signed up today and are looking forward to a great time. Here is a little info about the event:

“The Pinkghost Fun Fair was created in an effort to raise South Florida’s awareness and support of local businesses and artists. On November 8, 2008 the Pinkghost Fun Fair will showcase the coolest independent South Florida stores & artists.

The Pinkghost Fun Fair will have a hand picked selection of the independent shops just in time for holiday shopping.”

Now its time to get started designing the layout for our booth…….

We have got something special brewing over here. Soon you will be able to find a couple extra ffee accessories in our shop. I guess it’s no surprise by the picture below that there will be buttons/badges. We are not sure exactly when its going to hit our shop so keep checking back, or even better sign up for our newsletter because the end of the month is coming soon. You know what that means! New shirts!

Friday is back again and what do we have for you today? Some more deck art. This one called wild things.

We have got something special coming up soon so keep checking back here for the detail 😉

We have some more skateboard art for you. This one called “Jellyfishing”. This is how my face looks like every time I go fishing because we never catch anything.

As always the weekend goes by too fast. If only we could flip it around and work for 2 days and have 5 days off. Well, at least we do something we love so those 5 days of “work” are not that bad 🙂 . It’s unlucky all the fun activities usually fall on the weekend.
Saturday we went to our good friends awesome barbecue. The food was amazing, it tasted as good as it looks in the picture. Then we sat down and decided to paint, draw, and make these fun little ghosts from some tree seeds that we found. Good times always seem to go by quickly, and now its Monday:(

Friday is here finally! So if your feeling tired just grab some ffee because there is plenty of time to sleep on Sunday. It’s almost becoming a routine to finish off the week with a small doodle so here you go 🙂

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ffee skate decks at deckpeck

ffee skate decks at deckpeck

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