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It’s tough for us to keep any secrets, but we will! sorry 🙂 . We are very exited, 2009 will be filled with new and exiting things. So check out some sneak peak pics of the end of a long day.




We promise new shirts are going to be here real soon, but why not pick up a totti for your girlfriend/boyfriend for valentines day. We now have blue in stock and boy are they cute. Be sure to check them out on the plush page. 🙂


If you were to take a look at the sign below you would never guess that we are in South Florida, 42 degrees WOW! It has been freezing and we love it! We rarely get this type of super cool weather, and it almost set a record low. I think that it took 2 pairs of pants and three sweaters to go out haha 🙂 , but it was GREAT! It makes us want to take a vacation.


We decided to do another set of iphone wallpapers after the awesome response we got to the last ones. So here are three new iphone wallpapers. One illustration and two stylish plaid ones. Enjoy 🙂

Right Click and Save As
FFee Rocks Waterfall
Plaid Black
Plaid Purple




We now have Black Totti’s in stock. Be sure to check them out and be on the lookout for some blue ones, they should be available soon.


The first freebie of the year that we have to give is a fun little picture of some cute little monsters that we were doodling around with and decided to make into a free desktop wall paper or a free iphone wallpaper. There are a few different sizes to download depending on your screen size so feel free to download whichever one looks best (they are all cropped differently so some details may be lost). The iphone wallpaper is only one size so no need to worry. I hope you enjoy and check back as more will definitely be on the way 🙂

Sizes to download – ( Right click and save as )
2560 x 1600
1680 x 1050
1600 x 1200
1280 x 960
iphone wallpaper 320 x 480



We all know that the economy is not doing so hot, so that inspired this new shirt design ” Just take the money and run”. A tribute to everyone out there who has a chance in this hard time. You might see this on the site before the end of this month, but to be sure sign up for our newsletter and hear about all our new shirts once they get released.


We took our first vacation of the year, yes haha already. A few hours away from here is the oldest city in Florida St.Augustine. It’s main street is filled with buildings from the 1700’s taken over with cafe’s, bakeries, and artist shops. We spent the trip camping and had an awesome time. Now it’s time to get back to work 🙂




2009 is here and we have got some new shirts brewing, but their not quite ready yet. So in the meantime why don’t you go and pick up our brand new purple Totti. If you haven’t heard purple is the new color for this year, so don’t be afraid to rock your Totti everywhere.


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