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While going through the art store we stumbled across some clay and decided that it would be cool to try something a little different that the normal pencil and paper. So we picked up some Super Sculpey. I don’t know if any of you have ever tried to mold clay but its definitely not easy. It was fun to try and create. I now have more respect for people who are good at sculpting ” it is hard 🙂 “.



We have a new skate deck design out! and a new shirt is coming 🙂 . This is an idea of what brews through our mind during that perfect cup of ffee.


Thats Right! FFee skateboard decks now on sale. We decided to hook up with deckpeck and have them start the distribution of FFee decks. Right now there’s six designs to choose from, but keep checking back because we are adding designs all the time. Check out the FFee skateboard page.