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Here is a new Laptop cover we designed showing the color that apple has brought into our lives 🙂 We will let you know when it’s available.



We are always happy to find cool things while browsing around unique shops. So we were stoked to pick up this really cool looking pillow. It’s filled with cute little monsters and is totally awesome 🙂


Im sure that everyone in Florida knows what I mean, it has been unbearably hot lately. The air feels like it’s coming out of the oven haha. It’s hard to have motivation to get outside because of the heat, but when you see sunsets like this you just have to. 🙂

Yesterday was full or surprises. First we found out that 7-11 (one of the best convenient stores) is having their birthday celebration and giving out free slurpee’s, then after ingesting all the sweet goodness we noticed that one of our favorite shops (pinkghost) is having an art showing. So we headed down and had a blast. We got to meet and hang out with the totally talented featured artists pictured below ( Yosiell Lorenzo, Matthew Ryan Sharp, Betso ), and see some super cool art. The band was killer and so were the people, and to top it of we were wired the whole night courtesy of Monster Energy drinks 🙂


Happy fourth everyone 🙂 . We have been super busy lately working on a side project video, so its put everything on hold for a second. We hope to have it up here real soon so keep checking back. We had a chance to check out some awesome fireworks, and snapped a real nice shot of a real Florida 4th of july. Some cool stuff is on its way 🙂