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Two posts in a row with Domo! I swear we are not that obsessed. We just had to post a shot of our cute little Domo having some fun with the pumpkin. It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt and guess what, he did! We got him calmed down with some candy corns and now him and pumpkin are friends. So we promise new shirts soon, but for now it’s time to enjoy Halloween.



Ok so there is no surprise that we are Domo fans, and we are stoked to find our little furry friend in one of our favorite spots 7-11. He is all over everything! Coffee! Slurpee’s! They even have cute little Domo ads. It just makes getting coffee that much better 🙂


Well that’s right, we are in the air. This time taking a trip to the west coast to check out some business ventures in California. Stay tuned for further updates 🙂


Well it’s not really a sneak peak because you only get to see the tag but it’s something right?  🙂 . Today we printed new shirts that are going to come out this month (Yess!!! I love new shirts). So keep checking back. 🙂