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Here is a shirt that is going to be released in the near future. We can’t tell you when, but look for it soon. The design has a three color paint splatter underneath a black sketch outline, it reminds us of how we used to paint in coloring books when we were kids. We never liked to stay in the lines!

We are always drawing everything over here at ffee, from skull monsters to pretty little birds and flowers. So take a look at one of our newest creations “the swell window”. You might see it on a shirt soon, so sign up for the newsletter to hear about it before it gets sold out!

wave art

We just realized that it has been all this time and we don’t have one coffee shirt, shame on us. So here is a coffee shirt that will probably be released real soon ( we might make some changes, we might not). All you die hard coffee drinkers need one of these to express how your insides run on the good stuff. Who knows maybe we will make a new collection of just coffee themed shirts. Enjoy!

FFee coffee heart

This is a shirt that was a special pre-order for everyone who signed up for our newsletter. We are not sure if we are going to make this available through the site yet or keep some thing’s  limited to everyone who is signed up for our newsletter. All I can say is keep checking back for the latest updates.

centipede t shirt

This is the latest shirt idea that  you will be seeing very soon, as soon as we figure out the details.

Show your heart t shirt

We were bored so here is some FFee art we came up with.

FFee t shirt add

FFee t shirt Add

FFee t shirt idea

This is the latest shirt idea that we are conjuring up for a special valentines day, it is still in the process, we are not even sure if its going to get printed but we would like to give you an idea of what is going through our heads. We are not sure about the colors or details yet. We might stick some special embroidery in there. It is definitely going to be printed on our super soft shirts , that is for sure. Keep checking back for updates and our new shirt ideas.

Valentines day shirt idea

This is a idea we are playing with for a upcoming shirt. It is a doodle style skull shirt, with plenty of skulls, bats, and swirls. All the things that you can never get enough off. It will be printed on a alternative apparel silver color shirt. Be sure to keep checking back for release dates.

New Skull Bats Tee

Here is a shirt that is soon to be up on the site, just thought that I would give you a preview. Its printed on a super soft cap sleeve t shirt, in a light yellow.

ffee tree

Here is a little concept we worked up for a new shirt. It would be printed on a blue shirt, with some darker and lighter blue ink, and the cross on the hat would be done it white ink to mimic embroidery. Let us know what you think!!

Skull T shirt design

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ffee skate decks at deckpeck

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