We are happy to announce that we have got new stickers! Thanks to the guys over at standoutstickers.com , they came out great 🙂


Relocating out to California has been a amazing experience. We are gearing up for a winter release, but with all the things to setup it has been hard to concentrate on work. Especially with all the great surf!! So please be patient, I promise it will pay of. In the meantime here is a little Cali inspired doodle. 🙂

We have for you today a new fresh iphone 4 wallpaper. Click here to download the iphone version ( right click save as ). Enjoy 🙂

So were planning on something big coming up soon, but in the meantime why don’t you check out these new canvas paintings we had fun with. 🙂

So this little guy showed up because of boredom. It’s actually a quite fun creative project! Doodle up some dude on paper / cut him out / and take pictures of him in various places 🙂

So we just picked up the new iphone 4’s and are impressed! Besides all the really cool apps the camera is pretty good. Check out a shot of the sunset at La Jolla Shores.

So I caught these guys having a jam session. I always wondered what they did when I was gone. 🙂

We’re excited because we recently got a new bike. A nice cream and pink beach cruiser. It’s the official ffee cruiser with hopefully some nice customizations to come 🙂

Well it’s a lot colder over here in the water than the beaches of south Florida, but the surf is obviously much better. We are still setting up over here (im sure the surfing hasn’t helped speed anything up haha), but were excited for the so-cal branch out. Oh!! and nothing is better than a warm cup of coffee after a cold surf 🙂

What a difference between the wildlife here and back in Florida. I think that one of best things is going to the beach and watching these little furry guys surf and play in the waves. Sometimes you can even see them smiling at you 🙂