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Sorry for the lack of posts this week but we are on vacation and just found a computer that we were able to access. So expect the normal posts when we get back, but for now check out what we have to wake up to every morning 🙂

FFee Vacation

We have been having awesome weather down here in Florida lately. This is a pic we snapped of a couple doing a morning surf check on the pier. The temperature was super cold, I think they were a little crazy to go out without their wetsuits. We can’t wait for another cold spell that should arrive tomorrow and bring us some more arctic air.


Monday is back again, but today it’s not really that bad. After having a weekend full of rain, today is one beautiful day. This morning we woke up to some nice and cool weather ( yes! if it gets in the 60’s down here its cool haha ), and tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler. Can’t wait 🙂 ! Despite all the rain we got a chance to take out a couple of fun boards in the small surf and get outside, we also picked up a pumpkin so check back for some pics!

We are always drawing everything over here at ffee, from skull monsters to pretty little birds and flowers. So take a look at one of our newest creations “the swell window”. You might see it on a shirt soon, so sign up for the newsletter to hear about it before it gets sold out!

wave art

This weekend we took a trip to the beach, and snapped this pic. I think that it symbolizes the name of the shirt perfectly. The Shirts name is Sunny Day, and that day was definitely sunny.

You cant see the details on the hoody in this picture, exept for the pink lining, but I though the photo looked great. Here is a early boynton beach photo showing astrid wearing the black angel hoody. astrid at the beach wearing the black angel hoody

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ffee skate decks at deckpeck

ffee skate decks at deckpeck

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