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Its 2:30am and we are wired, not on coffee this time, but on Christmas cookies. We decided to reward all our hard work we have done lately with some fresh holiday cookies straight from the oven. After using a secret family recipe we baked some Alfajores con arequipe cookies , thats a mouthful to say but they are soooo good. Ok now the sugar is wearing off, time for sleep….



Friday is here and its going to get chilly tonight, nice!! finally some Christmas weather. We went to a local tree lighting yesterday, pretty amazing 100 ft. Christmas tree. There was a tons of people and the atmosphere and decorations were great. We saw a love sculpture that made me think of the old skate spot love park in Philly. It is amazing that Christmas is only 13 days away. That reminds me I should get back to work…… 🙂




Christmas decorations are popping up early this year, so this weekend we decided to scavenge through all the old boxes to find the Christmas stuff. Once you think the hard part of finding all the things from last year is over , its time to make sure everything still lights up haha . It was a little bit of work but in the end its all worth it 🙂  and yes thats a hello kitty ornament.