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While driving around we were stoked to find this little fruit/vegetable market setup on the side of the road filled with all kinds of things from local and international  farmers. We found things that we haven’t seen since we were in Central America. This guisquil is a cool looking vegetable that is covered with tiny little spikes. It’s a little hard to pick up but as you can see it doesn’t bother Candykiller jack rabbit. Now it’s time to cook this thing….



Its 2:30am and we are wired, not on coffee this time, but on Christmas cookies. We decided to reward all our hard work we have done lately with some fresh holiday cookies straight from the oven. After using a secret family recipe we baked some Alfajores con arequipe cookies , thats a mouthful to say but they are soooo good. Ok now the sugar is wearing off, time for sleep….


As always the weekend goes by too fast. If only we could flip it around and work for 2 days and have 5 days off. Well, at least we do something we love so those 5 days of “work” are not that bad 🙂 . It’s unlucky all the fun activities usually fall on the weekend.
Saturday we went to our good friends awesome barbecue. The food was amazing, it tasted as good as it looks in the picture. Then we sat down and decided to paint, draw, and make these fun little ghosts from some tree seeds that we found. Good times always seem to go by quickly, and now its Monday:(