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There is some new stuff on the way, and new stuff always starts with one thing “doodling”. All of our designs start by doodling out ideas and concepts. It’s amazing how one little doodle inspires an idea which leads to something else and then on to something else and so on and so on until you have reached the masterpiece idea, or just a big wast of time (but hey it was fun right haha). So there are plenty of hours in the day! Doodle something and it may lead to something great 🙂

Yesterday the ffee crew had a visit from last months artist of the month Alksdeef. We were stirring up some good ideas for a future shirt release and decided to get the inspiration flowing even more with a painting session. Always keep checking back for new shirts because they will be coming soon!

some of our paint supplies
some delicious paint water
the outcome

We were doing some spring cleaning over here at FFee, and found this old box of colored pencils. Just opening the box and viewing their perfect color coordination made me want to create something unique. There was something about the perfect unused condition of the pencils that also made me not want to touch them. At least there is this photo to remember them after the destruction happens.

colored pencils

There are tons of places to find some art inspiration, who would think that it would be at your local 7-11. On a coffee trip to our favorite place we stumbled across these two bottles and had to have them.

artistic bottle

ffee home site

ffee skate decks at deckpeck

ffee skate decks at deckpeck

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