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We would just like to say to everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It’s been a few days since our last post, because  there has been non stop running around going on here. From filling orders to visiting numerous families for Christmas dinners and lunches there has not been any free time. We are not complaining haha, I don’t think that I have eaten so much ever. If your wondering why the picture of the chiwawa, one of the houses we visited was filled with six of them. It was a herd of cuteness 🙂





This weekend was filled with tons of birthday fun. It was the first time anyone of us had a Pavlova birthday cake, but it tasted amazingly good. I found someone with a really unique beer called Pipeline, beer mixed with coffee mmmm…. I didn’t try it but they said it was good. Monday always seems to come to fast so now, back to work! 🙂