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We’ve been waking up to a really nice weather in Florida lately. Aaah.. you can feel the winter coming through, just awesome!. Anyway, Halloween is here which by the way, did you know the word “Halloween” comes from a contracted corruption of “All Hallowes Eve” or “All Hallows Day”? yeah, last night we were wondering about the ancient origins (Real story) of Halloween so we decided to make our own research. How many of you know how this spooky holiday really started? why we celebrate it?, so for all those people who also have wondered about this like us, we decided to make our own research and give you a little bit of info, if you want to read more about Halloween  click here.

Our Pumpkin 🙂

Check out this picture from the 1940’s too, we thought it was cool.

Have a great Halloween!!!!!!!! 🙂


Monday is back again, but today it’s not really that bad. After having a weekend full of rain, today is one beautiful day. This morning we woke up to some nice and cool weather ( yes! if it gets in the 60’s down here its cool haha ), and tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler. Can’t wait 🙂 ! Despite all the rain we got a chance to take out a couple of fun boards in the small surf and get outside, we also picked up a pumpkin so check back for some pics!

October is here, Halloween is getting closer. Have you carved your pumpkin yet? This is mochi and he has finished his. I don’t think he realized that wasn’t a pumpkin, or maybe he did 😮 .

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