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Another Great Skateboard added to the FFee collection. 🙂 Pick it up at Deckpeck.

We have a new skate deck design out! and a new shirt is coming 🙂 . This is an idea of what brews through our mind during that perfect cup of ffee.


Thats Right! FFee skateboard decks now on sale. We decided to hook up with deckpeck and have them start the distribution of FFee decks. Right now there’s six designs to choose from, but keep checking back because we are adding designs all the time. Check out the FFee skateboard page.

We are proud to support everyone in what they enjoy doing, man or women. Here is a little skateboard illustration for the girls, or the guys 2 if they dig the style. Enjoy 🙂

Friday is back again and what do we have for you today? Some more deck art. This one called wild things.

We have got something special coming up soon so keep checking back here for the detail 😉

We have some more skateboard art for you. This one called “Jellyfishing”. This is how my face looks like every time I go fishing because we never catch anything.

Everything doesn’t always have to go on a t-shirt does it? So here is some skateboard art to check out. He is called Olliepop 🙂

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ffee skate decks at deckpeck

ffee skate decks at deckpeck

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