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We have been having awesome weather down here in Florida lately. This is a pic we snapped of a couple doing a morning surf check on the pier. The temperature was super cold, I think they were a little crazy to go out without their wetsuits. We can’t wait for another cold spell that should arrive tomorrow and bring us some more arctic air.


Monday is back again, but today it’s not really that bad. After having a weekend full of rain, today is one beautiful day. This morning we woke up to some nice and cool weather ( yes! if it gets in the 60’s down here its cool haha ), and tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler. Can’t wait 🙂 ! Despite all the rain we got a chance to take out a couple of fun boards in the small surf and get outside, we also picked up a pumpkin so check back for some pics!

We have been brainstorming on ideas for the pink ghost fun fair. It is still a bit away but its always good to start early. Take a sneak peak below at some paintings that are still in progress, but will be finished and sold at the event. We will also have some other non t shirt goodies that we will be selling. So keep checking back for updates…

We decided to take a trip to our nearby Whole Foods to get some healthy lunch. We noticed a drink that we have never seen before: Sambazon. We were introduced to Acai back in the day by one of our good Brazilian friends Bruno, before it has exploded in today’s market, so we are familiar with the great fruit. After putting down one of these we were surprised by the goodness that this little bottle packs in it. Mind you, the flavor taste’s healthy, so all looking for juicy juice beware. We brought some back to ffee and after checking out their website, we noticed a lot of familiar pro Skateboard, Surfing faces. HAHA all this sounds like we are reps or something, but all we know is that we feel great for less than the price of one gallon of gas 🙂 . So if you are in the mood for something to give you that extra boost, other than the all mighty coffee, check it out.

We are always drawing everything over here at ffee, from skull monsters to pretty little birds and flowers. So take a look at one of our newest creations “the swell window”. You might see it on a shirt soon, so sign up for the newsletter to hear about it before it gets sold out!

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ffee skate decks at deckpeck

ffee skate decks at deckpeck

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