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Happy Valentine’s day everyone. To celebrate it we did a special reprint of our Coffee Heart shirt. What better way can you think of showing your heart?

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day. We hope your day will be filled with love, hearts, chocolate, flowers, balloons, cards, kisses, hugs, and cute plush Domo dolls 🙂


We promise new shirts are going to be here real soon, but why not pick up a totti for your girlfriend/boyfriend for valentines day. We now have blue in stock and boy are they cute. Be sure to check them out on the plush page. 🙂


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This is the latest shirt idea that we are conjuring up for a special valentines day, it is still in the process, we are not even sure if its going to get printed but we would like to give you an idea of what is going through our heads. We are not sure about the colors or details yet. We might stick some special embroidery in there. It is definitely going to be printed on our super soft shirts , that is for sure. Keep checking back for updates and our new shirt ideas.

Valentines day shirt idea

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