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Happy fourth everyone 🙂 . We have been super busy lately working on a side project video, so its put everything on hold for a second. We hope to have it up here real soon so keep checking back. We had a chance to check out some awesome fireworks, and snapped a real nice shot of a real Florida 4th of july. Some cool stuff is on its way 🙂


We took our first vacation of the year, yes haha already. A few hours away from here is the oldest city in Florida St.Augustine. It’s main street is filled with buildings from the 1700’s taken over with cafe’s, bakeries, and artist shops. We spent the trip camping and had an awesome time. Now it’s time to get back to work 🙂




2009 is here and we have got some new shirts brewing, but their not quite ready yet. So in the meantime why don’t you go and pick up our brand new purple Totti. If you haven’t heard purple is the new color for this year, so don’t be afraid to rock your Totti everywhere.


Wow winter is going great and we are so busy that we are on fire. Its been a few days since the last blog post because there has been so much to do. Between filling orders, Rock Band Christmas parties, sewing plush creatures, and getting ready for the new release its been quite a hectic few weeks around here, but we can’t complain. There is going to be some good releases coming soon……..


You are getting a sneak peak at our new plush bags/purses/carriers . Call them what you want, these cute guys are a fun way to bring along your wallet, cell phone, change etc. Carry them like a purse or bag, clip them on your backpack, it doesn’t matter. Everyone will be jealous that they don’t have one. They are going to be available in numerous colors and should be out before Christmas, but if you can’t wait send us an email and we might be able to help you out 🙂


We told you earlier that you would get a chance to see all our thanksgiving food pics. So I warn you, if you are hungry this may cause even more severe hunger. We feasted on all the original thanksgiving goodies plus being in South Florida why not have some shrimp on the barbi haha 🙂






I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We are completely stuffed aaah but it was awesome! and now we get to enjoy some awesome leftovers. We took a little time off before thanksgiving and it was great. Everyone was exited to find out that there was free breakfast at the hotel and had such a great variety of food, even a make your own waffle station. living so close to Disney you just have to go and check it out every so often. We were amazed to find this new themed restaurant in Downtown Disney that had the most creative displays. Seeing all the Christmas lights combined with the cool weather just totally set an awesome mood 🙂  Check it out!





We have been on the road for a little vacation and will post some pics later but for now enjoy FREE SHIPPING till Monday. It’s just our way of saying Happy Thanksgiving!! Right now we are getting ready to have a blast with the family and stuff our faces haha, im sure you will see some pics about it 🙂


Christmas decorations are popping up early this year, so this weekend we decided to scavenge through all the old boxes to find the Christmas stuff. Once you think the hard part of finding all the things from last year is over , its time to make sure everything still lights up haha . It was a little bit of work but in the end its all worth it 🙂  and yes thats a hello kitty ornament.





Alright our favorite day of the week is here finally! The weather has still remained cool which is totally awesome. We had a great time last night playing trivia games with some friends, you never realize how many things you have actually forgotten from school until its time to remember them haha. We are going to have a Turkey day sale coming up soon so keep checking back or sign up to the newsletter to hear about it, and keep on the lookout for new shirts popping up. To finish this fine week here is another dia de los muertos little doodle we came up with.


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